Computer Graphics Artist Project

Want to Test Your Practical Art Skills?

Are you a graphic artist (or graphics art student) and would like to try some artwork projects that are common in screen printing, t-shirt shops and sign shops? If so, our commercial art exercises are for you. The Computer Graphics Artist Project was created to give graphic artists some practice producing the type of artwork you will have to create in a 'real world' print shop.  

Why should you do our art exercises?  Knowing how to create artwork used in a typical print shop can give you an advantage for job opportunities in commercial graphics.   

Graphics Design Software is Included.

Included in this project is the graphics design software program, Inkscape.

Whether you are an illustrator, designer, web designer or just someone who needs to create vector images, Inkscape is for you!  Inkscape is similar to CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator and is a powerful free design program for creating vector graphics.

It is included with this project at no charge.  Download it here:

If you already have a graphics design program, you can use it to complete the exercises.

Who Should Participate in This Project?

This training project is for graphic artists who want to be prepared for job opportunities in a commercial print shop, e.g. screen printing, t-shirt shop or sign shop.

It is for those who have already have completed study in graphic design or for students who have learned the fundamentals of graphic design. This project is not for someone who doesn't have a computer graphics background.

In addition, training on how to use the included graphics design program (Inkscape) is not included.  You can find many 'how-to' videos on YouTube for using Inkscape.

How does it WOrk?

The Computer Graphics Artist Project consists of four exercise projects (see example: exercise 1) for you to practice your skills creating commercial art. The exercises consist of art projects that are commonly used in most print shops and that employers would want you to know how to do. 

You, the artist will create artwork that is required in each exercise. You submit a PDF file of each completed design to ASPA for review and grading.

If you are experienced using another graphics design program, i.e. Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw, you can use it to make your designs.  You only need to submit a PDF file of your finished design.

How long does it take?

The time it takes to complete this project is 30 days or less (depending on your available free time).

It is possible to complete the entire project in as little time as one week.  

There is no time limit for completing the project.  You can take as long is necessary to do the exercises.

What's the cost?

The fee to participate in the project is $59 USD.  This includes review and grading of your submitted art and your certificate.

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