Computer Graphics Artist Project

Exercise 3 of 5.  Create A Political Yard Sign.

This is a common project you will get working as a graphic artist in a sign shop. Creating a yard sign for a political campaign.  

In this case, the customer wants a new design, something that is 'new and fresh'.

Here's the Design...

Here's the old design.  Create a new one...

Here's your Assignment...

This is an opportunity to use your creative artistic skills.  The customer wants an entirely new design for an upcoming election.  It's your job to create a design that is different from the old one, yet effective and eye-catching.

You're free to change colors, design elements, etc. Do what you think it takes to make a great looking sign. 

Imprint size.: 24" across X 18" high.

When you're finished, make a .JPEG image of  your design. When you have completed ALL five exercises, Post it on