Computer Graphics Artist Project

Exercise 1 of 5. Create A new DESIGN from a Customer Supplied T-SHIrt.

This is a project you will get often working as a graphic artist in a screen printing shop, t-shirt printing shop or advertising specialty business. Creating a new design from an existing design.

In this instance, the customer brings in a printed t-shirt. They want you to create a new custom design with different text, image clip and imprint color that is similar to the shirt that they brought in.  

Here's the Design...

Here's the design you'll work from...

Here's your Assignment...

Create a t-shirt design based on the specifications indicated below. 

Key points:

  • Use arched text as in the original design.
  • Use an 'athletic' style font.

Specifications: (Text and clip image).

  • Bluegrass Tree Service
  • Lexington, Kentucky
  • Clip art image: line art of a 'tree'
  • Green imprint color

Imprint size: 12" across X 12" high.

When you're finished, make a .JPEG image of  your design. When you have completed ALL five exercises, Post it on