Computer Graphics Artist Project

Exercise 1 of 4.  Create A new DESIGN from a Customer Supplied T-SHIrt.

This is a project you will get often working as a graphic artist in a screen printing shop, t-shirt printing shop or advertising specialty business. Creating a new design from an existing design.

In this instance, the customer brings in a printed t-shirt. They want you to create a new custom design with different text, image clip and imprint color.  

Here's the Design...

Here's the design you'll work from...

Here's your Assignment...

Create a t-shirt design based on the specifications indicated below. 

Key points:

  • Use arched text as in the original design.
  • Use an 'athletic' style font.

Specifications: (Text and clip image).

  • Bluegrass Tree Service
  • Lexington, Kentucky
  • Clip art image: line art of a 'tree'
  • Green imprint color

Imprint size: 12" across X 12" high.

When you're finished, make a PDF image of   your design. Email it to: CGA Art Submission