Computer Graphics Artist Project

Exercise 2 of 4.  Recreate a PooR Quality Bitmap Logo.

This is a very common art project you will get working as a graphic artist in a print shop or ad specialty business. Working with 'jaggy' artwork. 

The customer wants a logo printed on a promotional coffee mug. The artwork they supply is a poor quality bitmap.  It's your job to recreate a logo into a sharp, vector image. 

Here's the Design...

Here's the design you'll work from...

Here's your Assignment...

Recreate this logo by drawing the shapes and text using the tools found in any vector graphics program. The end result must be a high quality vector image that can be used for screen printing.

Imprint size approx.: 2.5" across X 2.5" high.

When you're finished, make a PDF image of   your design. Email it to: CGA Art Submission